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About My Hines

In a playful attempt to play with my name, I realized a several years ago that when you take my initials and get rid of the punctuation, you get “My Hines”. I thought it was interesting – and with lots of other blog names out there that I would have taken, I decided upon this one.

My name is Michelle Hines and I think that My Hines is the perfect place for me to share what I have learned, currently am learning, what I think, and all kinds of other things that have happened and/or related to moving from being an accidential techie to a true “techie”. After working on networks for over 8 years, I don’t believe myself to be an accidential techie any longer. (I also proved this to be true to myself when I did most of the setup and design of Cisco phones in a recent move at work.)

But more than anything, I want this blog to have information, but also to have a sense of humor. When things are not going right, I do tend to lose that humor in person – but it is always there inside of me. I can look at things with that funnybone every once in a while – and humor makes some things so much easier to handle.



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