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Returning from the Nonprofit Technology Conference

Posted on: April 14, 2010

Someday I will have a list of suggestions for returning to work after a conference, but since I haven’t found an easy way to handle it, I don’t feel comfortable enough writing any tips at this point. Maybe because the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) was so good it has been harder to get back to work. This conference held my heart from the moment that I signed up for the conference and it surely didn’t disappoint. In fact, it probably has given me materials for the next several blog posts because there is so much to process and comment on – I hope no one gets bored by my rehashing of things because personally, I need to process more.

So this post isn’t going to have much but some resources that I jotted down that I would love to share and let you know how I look forward to using them. I also plan some changes to this blog due to my We Are Media blogging session – but I don’t think I’ll ever keep my posts between 300 to 500 words.

Books I have in my possession –
Linchpin by Seth Godin (I participated in a the hunt for Anderson Cooper to get this book)
Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission – (I had a copy of this book but it disappeared so the new copies feature autographs from Holly Ross and Edward Granger-Happ)
#SocialMedia Nonprofit Tweet by Janet Fouts with Beth Kanter – (autographed by both also!)

Books I want to get –
Why Business People Speak Like Idiots

I have lots of websites to go thru also. They range from Jing and Screencast to several podcasts to the posts about the newest FCC ruling. There are other resources I have waiting for me to pay attention too that I haven’t even had a chance to view.

I think this conference, over other conferences I have been too, will be providing me information for a long time to come. I have ideas about a possible game to help promote my agency due to the keynote about Games for Change. I have guidance on addressing budgeting due to my Curbside Consulting time. I have some questions about Social Media benchmarks and how I can use that data for making a plan for my agency’s use of Social Media. I have a plan on raising the funds to go to next year’s conference in Washington D.C. (it’s within driving distance).

I look forward to continue to explore what I have learned, maybe even get comments back on how I am remembering things I learned, and continue to grow off of this experience.

PS – I know that I could have tons of links in this message – but simply, I haven’t learned how to manage coming back from a conference and dealing with the backlog of work that needs my attention. I’m actually sneaking this post in. So please, if you have the links to share easily accessible – post them in the comments.


2 Responses to "Returning from the Nonprofit Technology Conference"

Glad you got a copy of the Twitter book!

I absolutely appreciate the Twitter book – especially the format of the book. One of my favorites (and admittedly the one that I have had a chance to read.)

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