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Beautiful Weather vs. #10NTC vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Posted on: April 4, 2010

What a weekend it is! I’m thankful that I don’t really celebrate Easter any longer. I don’t have to worry about making a complex meal or dressing up. That is the one thing that is going for me. But it is a very difficult weekend because there are three things I really want to do, and I can’t figure out how to make all of them happen.

The most important item is to get ready for the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Atlanta next week. I have to figure out if I can fit everything into my carry-on luggage or if I’m going to check a bag. I have to look at all of the materials and try to narrow down which sessions I want to go – and that is becoming so very hard. I want to look at the vendors for the Science Fair. With over a 100, can I really see them all? I got to get used to my new portable brain – maybe switching to the HTC TouchPro 2 the Wednesday before the NTC, wasn’t the brightest idea. I got some more twitter basics done – I know to use the #10NTC hash for the conference, but my twitter skills need to increase, dramatically.

Then you have the fact that we have beautiful weather in Pittsburgh. Back in February when there were 40+ inches of snow, I never thought that on the 4th of April I would be wearing sandals, turning on the ceiling fan, and wearing tank tops to work out in while out on the trail. In fact, I guess I was worried we were still going to have snow.

Then, mix in the Pittsburgh Penguins. Well folks, hockey might as well be considered my religion right now. I dislike when I miss a game. I dislike it when I have to switch back and forth to a game because my mom needs to watch Dancing with the Stars or some other TV show. I tried to tell her the DVR is for those shows but she won’t hear about that because she can’t run it. I saw the game yesterday – when I had to half listen to it on the radio. But the other part of this is the fact that the Stanley Cup, with the 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins that won the cup last year name’s engraved on it, is at the Heinz History Center this weekend and today is the last day for it to be there. I can go see it. I’ve always wanted to see it.

So, three things to do – several reasons to do all three – and now I have to find the balance to get all three done. I’m all about Getting Things Done kind of gal, but this trio is very interesting, because any of them could take my entire attention away.

No watching the Disney Easter Parade today. It’s time to take the warm Pittsburgh Penguins jersey and put it on with some shorts and sandals, take the digital camera and hope that my mom can take a decent picture, and get moving. Lots of things to do because in the next the thing I’m most excited about it….

I can’t decide! But today is the last day I can see the cup. I can focus on #10NTC starting tomorrow (unless I get those Penguin tickets for Tuesday night’s game against the Capitals.)


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