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One Ring-a-dingy

Posted on: March 18, 2010

The one thing I think is the coolest thing with my Cisco VOIP solution is the ability to add new ringtones and hold music. This may seem like something small. While I love how easy it is to integrate with Outlook and the possibilities of tying into our database applications, ringtones and hold music are two items that make staff happy.

Yes, I do care about making staff happy.

Recently, after realizing how many changes we have done to our network without much notice (new application required a no-notice upgrade to I.E. 8.0 and a screen resolution change), I thought it was time to give the staff something back. New ringtones were the perfect gift to give.

Did it yield anything? Yes – I actually could hear staff trying out the new ringtones within minutes of the email going out (oh, the beautiful symphony of Super Mario Brothers, Knightrider, and the Filet O Fish jingle all playing at the same time!) Then staff stopped and commented on the ringtones. That was good to know that they were being enjoyed and actually being used.

It also served as another tool. See, two outcomes for the price of one change!  The other thing new ringtones did was give the staff a reason to press that Settings button and to change the ringtone. It seems like something minor, but often after staff picked their ringtone, they never go back to that Settings button. Then, if for some reason their ringtone went back to the standard (and boring) ringtone, they were lost on how to get the ringtone back. In fact, I would probably get a support ticket for assistance on getting their ringtone back.

Yet, not one ticket was submitted for assistance with these new ringtones. I saw one staff member go to our SharePoint intranet and pull up the directions from our directory of directions for the network. I saw another one pull out a binder where she had printed all of her directions out so she could remember how to do the change. And the third? They just pushed buttons until they stumbled upon the Settings button and made the right changes. Along the way, two made other changes and the third remembered that after adjusting the volume for the ringtone you had to save the volume settings.

Woo-hoo! Ringtones as a teaching tool.

Plus, they keep things interesting. Now to get that Barracuda ringtone….


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