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Back to the 2010 Resolutions

Posted on: March 11, 2010

On New Year’s Eve, I shared on the blog a partial list of my resolutions. If you want to reference that post, its available here. Then, thinking that I can force myself to actually follow thru with the resolutions, I got the bright idea of looking back on the progress of the resolutions every month. I even managed to do this on February 1, 2010. This was before Mother Nature went for the Grand Slam of weather drama and dropped over 42 inches of snow around the Pittsburgh area. Now, I find myself on March 11th and wondering, how can I even blog about this.

However, I made the idea that I have to do this to make any progress, so, I will admit to my failures of working towards the resolutions and how I think I can move forward. But looking at it, I have not failed in all of these.

  1. Read more resources for work – Maybe I made this one too difficult to start with by saying that I had to read books. There are tons of resources that I do read every couple days. I sometimes even get really good information from those stacks of “IT magazines” that are really just trying to sell a company’s products. I still have the books that I have listed and the one has managed to make it to the chair in the living room (the travel book about Vegas is on top of it right now and has me wanting to just plan my vacation to Vegas.) I will get to the books, but I think I also have to try to make an effort to recognize all of the other resources that I do read and maybe even make a better effort to review some more of the resources that are coming to me via Twitter.
  2. Try positivity – I’m going to plead the fifth, ask for mercy, and comment on this next month. (i.e. find someone with a good mood after shoveling 42+ inches of snow in one month).
  3. Keep up with maintaining Outlook  – Oh-oh!  Last week my work actually had issues with Outlook because everyone in a whole was keeping too much in their Outlook. Did I do something about it? Yeah, I got us more space on the server, I started to completely delete junk mail from the beginning, but have I done much else? Sorry, no. It’s there to be done. Baby steps, I say! Baby steps!
  4. Organize My Documents – Maybe chaos is the way that I roll best? I have made moves to organize documentation better for technical staff and I did get hard copies of vital network information that some staff need when they can’t logon the network to get the documentation on how to fix a problem if the problem blocks access to the network. Still, my personal My Documents need some help. I think the help that is needed is called “purge to CD immediately”.
  5. Enjoy Life Outside of Work – This was one of the goals that I thought I would struggle the most with but since I dug my car out of the snow, I think I have done a better job at enjoying life outside of work. I went to the movies with my sister – and I can’t remember the last time I did that. I went and saw Alice in Wonderland with my best friend and went to a Penguins game all in one weekend last weekend. That’s huge for me. (I also took a bus to a Penguins game while the snow was fall in February – you don’t miss Penguins games if you gotten tickets!) I am even thinking of starting up my photography hobby a bit more to the thought of taking some real classes – so I think I’m actually doing a lot towards this resolution. Go figure – the one I thought was going to be the hardest is becoming the easiest!
  6. Delegate – I have mixed feelings on this. So mixed that I don’t think that I can really comment on them right now. Maybe next month?

So, I’m starting to get back into the swing of things, I have ideas for a couple more blog postings, and I think having sun for a couple days is making everything so much brighter. I only have a couple weeks to make progress in ay of these resolutions – but I think I can do some towards them. Check in next month to see!


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