MY Hines

Thank Goodness for March

Posted on: March 9, 2010

Often it seems as if the winter drags on and it lived up to it this year. I don’t think I had one post in February simply because of one thing: SNOW. That four-letter word was the worst word to hear. It was the worse four-letter word of the month. My shoulders, back, and legs still hurt when I type that word – it was disgusting how SNOW ruined the month of February for me.

I had moments of brilliance and I had some thoughts of posts to write. For a couple days I was going to equate trying to help staff who need assistance with installing remote access software while being remotely connected myself as like walking on snow and ice – sometimes you have a grip and other times you are sliding. I think too many bus rides derailed that post.

I had one thought that was around a snowman. I’m not even sure exactly what my point was and I’m glad that I didn’t post that one. But mostly, my fingers, thoughts, and month were just simply frozen with snow.

So, now it is the second week of March and I’m finally able to get back to my blog. It happens as spring is around the corner, when I saw the forecast included 60 degrees for a couple days coming up, and I can look ahead and see very interesting events. Pretty soon I’ll be heading to the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Atlanta. Vacation is the following month – so things are looking up.

I’ll bring everyone up to speed on where I am with the New Year’s Resolutions tomorrow – but warning: it hasn’t been good in February!

So, melt snow, melt! Take all the bad evil feelings that filled February with you and let the sunshine now!

Now in the words of Walt Disney “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”


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