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Are Your Resolutions Already History?

Posted on: January 8, 2010

On January 7th, are your New Year’s Resolutions already history? Honestly – I don’t want to hear the answer because for a majority of people I know, the answer is “yes” and it frustrates me. I never really got why if you broke your resolution just once, it was enough to say that you broke your resolution.

I didn’t realize that there was a commandment that resolutions are absolutes and cannot be broken, not even once. To me, if you believe that, you might as well not have a resolution. We are all humans and mistakes are going to happen. Knowing that, I prepared for my resolutions in 2010 to be ready for when I didn’t meet up to the expectations of the goal of my resolution.

I have the perfect example. In my list posted on my blog – Partial List of New Year Resolutions – I listed one of my resolutions of “Try Positivity”. I think just in the wording that one could tell that I knew that I wouldn’t be able to be 100% positive. That is absolutely never going to happen. Gosh, with the snow and cold of this week, it’s been super rough to even remember that this was a resolution. I hate to admit it, I probably led the “negativity parade” that seemed to be spawned in my office two days ago when I think the ratio of negative comments to positive comments was 100 to 1. But, I know that it is still important to go back and get back to that resolution. I didn’t say that I was going to be 100% positive all the time. I’m going to try positivity – which means I can go back to this resolution and pick up where I was, and hopefully get back on track.

Some resolutions are easier than others. I think that is why I had a list of them. It’s much easier for me to have a resolution that is task oriented (such as keep up with email). The ones that are hard are not so much task oriented – such as enjoy life outside of work and delegate. Those ones are going to be hard because I know that there is no way to measure them and they are vague. Maybe in the next month I can work on making those more concrete so I have a way to measure them and see how I’m doing – but I have to remember that they are my resolutions. But man, it’s nice to have a mixture of resolutions so I have some successes to already build off of and grow. I’m actually really enjoying reading my first resource.

The internet provides such a wealth of information on resolutions and tons of resources that can help people with different types of resolutions. I got a Shape magazine just before the New Year that had I believe two pages of write-ups on internet resources for getting into better shape. I believe it is never bad to share some of those resources one finds with others.


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