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Partial List of New Year Resolutions

Posted on: December 31, 2009

I have several types of resolutions for 2010. The personal ones like losing weight and continuing to use the new “Your Shape for Wii”, are not going to be featured in this list – most of those are for me to know (but now you know two more of them!) Still I want to share some that might inspire you to include some in your list.

  1. Read More Resources for Work – I have known plenty of resources that I’ve been meaning to read. I just opened a box today to find the new SharePoint book that I want to read – SharePoint for Project Management. It’s actually going to go home with me in case I get bored over the long weekend. But there are more resources out there that I want to read for work – most I already own – Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life, Messages: The Communication Book, Wired For Good, and Monday Morning Leadership for Women. I am going to try to make this easy on myself – one book a month. That is feasible.
  2. Try Positivity – I can be one of those “glass isn’t half empty, it IS empty” kind of people. Positivity is not something that comes naturally for me. It is going to be a struggle. I have to find a strategy to make it happen. Maybe it will be humor. Maybe it will be simply writing this blog. I’m sure that it will become easier. I’ll be checking out the Positivity Blog more often. I don’t think the statement “I’m positive that they are going to forget how to do that” is not really positive at all.
  3. Keep up with maintaining my Outlook account – All of the things that I wrote in the earlier post about adventures in cleaning up email, I have to do. It is going to take time to undo the damage that I have done to my account, but I can do it. Slow and steady.
  4. Organize My Documents at the office – If I could have any more information saved in “My Documents” I’d lose my way. I get pretty darn confused how people can’t use folders in their My Documents and just have a running list of documents by names. But my folders have become so complex and deep, I need a map to get from point A to point B. I usually don’t even go to “My Documents” any longer, I just start from “run” and I type in the network path so I can ignore the crazy mess of folders. It’s time to clean, purge and organize.
  5. Enjoy Life Outside of Work – It was this summer that the motto was to “have a social life outside of work” and that worked for a while, but quickly it was just a statement to chuckle at when I was pulling long hours at the office. I think the part that was missing was the fact that I have to enjoy what I’m doing outside of the office in order to have that life. Just being out of the office doesn’t mean that it is enjoyable. Maybe I need to join a class at CCAC to work out or maybe I do need to learn to enjoy a movie by myself. But if it isn’t fun, I’m not going to be willing to do it. So, I gotta find those things.
  6. Delegate – For years I have been a one person show and now that there are more to share with it, I need to share the responsibility. In some ways this is easy – I simply can’t do it all. But there are some things that I don’t want to give up, that I don’t to delegate. I started towards this resolution about six weeks ago when I gave up something that I really wanted to do but I knew that I simply had no time to do it. It helped that the person said “just let me do it”, but it was still hard to say “ok”. If there is an art to this delegation thing, I hope that I learn it soon!

There are other resolutions, but these are the major ones that I’m willing to share. So, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope that everyone has a safe an sound New Year’s Eve!


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