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Tech Toys I Don’t Want For Christmas

Posted on: December 22, 2009

I’ve been promising this post – and finally I am writing it. Some people think that since I’m a geeka that I would love and appreciate any “tech toy” that is out there as a gift. This is far from true. There are simply some things that I don’t want for Christmas. But there are also different ways that I would rank these items. Some would get returned without any hestitation. Others may just stay with me as I might grow to love them – or just so I can say that I have it.

So, roll the drum…

Slide/Film Converter –  I have been in the digital world for a long time. I don’t even really remember EVER having slides in my life and if I had film strips, it’s because I had photos printed out. This would be one of those items that just would never be used. I love my digital camera and I can scan any hard pictures that I have. This is one gift that would be immediately returned. Sorry, Santa… this gift is not wanted.

Demy Touchscreen Recipe Reader –  I’m so conflicted with this one. First, I LOVE the idea of this tech toy. If I was by myself, I would be begging for one of these for use. I can see all the recipes that I have in a binder being used in this item. I could move so many different things with me. However, this toy would cause problems for how I am now – living at home with others. My mother would never embrace this and since it is “whoever gets home first cooks”, there is a chance that it would be my mom cooking. The thought of my mom using this makes me realize that the binder of recipes would still have to remain, ruining the effectiveness of this tech toy. But if I got one, I’d keep it. So Santa…. I wouldn’t ask for it, but I wouldn’t return it either (but a gift certificate to Staples to go along with this would be appreciated for the binder I would have to keep for my mom.)

Outdoor Weather Report Devices – I am not even going to give a link to this one because that is how little I would desire one. I have FIOS TV now and I can just use a widget to get the weather if I wasn’t going to watch the morning news. Hey Santa, remember the receipt with this one!

USB Memory Keys/Sticks/ThumbDrives etc – First, I feel that these get into my purse and reproduce. Each time I look in, the one is then two. Then the next day it’s four. They just keep on appearing in my purse. And let’s not talk about how they sometimes threaten to take over my desk. They are all sizes in memory, all shapes (some round, some straight, some flip styles, some lids), and all have some sort of label on them. It would have to be really unique for me to be overjoyed with this. Santa, if it’s unique (like somehow it has a picture of Wizard of Oz or Penguin logo on it) I would keep it – without uniqueness, it will probably be regifted and/or donated to a good cause.

Blu-Ray – Nope. Not wanted. I’m still in DVD world and DVR world. No Blu-Ray desired. However, Santa, if it was received, I’d keep it and jump to the Blu-World!

I’m sure that there are others. If I think of others, I’ll add them. If you are wondering about a specific item and what I would do about it – please ask me in the comments!


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