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Christmas List Change of Mind

Posted on: December 21, 2009

Later this week, I will finally post the “What I don’t want for Christmas” post. It’s been in my head and I hope that it doesn’t include anything that I will get. But there is one item that I have changed my mind on. It is a new iPod. I love my iPod mini. I’ve had it for so many years that I’ve had the pleasure of learning out to change the battery. I swear by this iPod. I have speakers for it from Cisco Live two years ago and I just am used to it.

However, a friend showed me her new iPod Nano. It seems a bit thin, but wow – I think I want one now. It’s WAY TOO late to ask anyone for it, but I see it in my future. I think the part that made me want it more was that I saw iTunes Genius in action on it.  Maybe I should have spent more time in the Apple store looking at one, but it gives me my biggest point here:

Friends are the hugest driver of NEW technology. When I can see how someone else uses things, that’s when I start to want. It doesn’t happen with all of the technology or I would be downright singing the praises of Mac all the way. However, friends go a long way for me to accept new things.

It seems odd because I am a techie/geeka. But I like to see things in action and see how it works for others first. While I like to be an early adopter, I would rather someone deal with the bugs before I jump on board. I think this helped when I finally made the jump to a Vista machine and it is making it even easier to move to Windows 7. Others that I trust are telling me things and I trust their opinions. That is the same with a Windows Mobile Media device. I’ve seen it in action and now I’m willing to demo a device with that software.

So yes, my list of things I don’t want for Christmas will be out – but it will no longer have the iPod nano listed as something I don’t want.

Hopefully the post-Christmas sales will help me out to get one! (In blue hopefully!)


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