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10 Reasons Why I Love NTEN

Posted on: December 18, 2009

I was inspired yesterday to finally write this blog post. It was because yesterday I got an email from NTEN titled “Best of Nonprofit Technology 2009”. Inside, it highlighted practically everything I love about the Nonprofit Technology Network. I had known of their website for a long time. I used their free resources for just as long. However, in the past year I have been able to enjoy the benefits of getting my organization to pay for a membership, and it has been worth every penny, and so much more. I think every time anyone clicks to the NTEN website, we get so much more than a click anywhere else.

So, I am going to let you know the 10 Reasons Why I Love NTEN – a’la Dancing with the Stars style  (a.k.a. in no particular order).

1. Things We Like in the Monthly Newsletters – I personally think that to work for NTEN or to even do anything with NTEN, you have to have some sort of sense of humor. It’s always a good chuckle and it is always right on target. I love the section in the Monthly Newsletters that lists the highlights from the blogs for the past month. Sometimes it a resource, sometimes it is a cute video of kittens riding a Roomba – but it’s just a great collection of blog posts that I normally have to read again. If you don’t get the monthly newsletter, you should: NTEN newsletter

2. The Blog Such a mix. I know that I can come here, get something that I will use, and know that it was posted with care and foresight. They are just like the newsletters – filledwith humor but filled with tons of information. Hey, a professional organization posted the best Muppets video on their blog. That alone is to be one of my favorite reasons to love this organization!

3. Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission book – I don’t like to read materials that are work related from home. I’d much rather pick up some easy to read “Brit-Lit” book to pass the time. But this book has broken that trend. I’m not done with it because I like to read a section, think about it, read it again, and then move on. Perfect book. It completely applies to my job!

4. Webinar mania! – There are so many good webinars from NTEN that I could spent most of my time in webinars. Better yet, I feel comfortable having my staff take a webinar and know that I don’t have to worry if they are going to get something out of the time. I don’t remember leaving a webinar without usually 10 ideas to implement. To see some of the webinars, which are also open for non-members for additional cost, you can click here.

5. Research? I don’t need too – Most often, if I have to research anything about technology, my first stop is NTEN. More often than not, NTEN research can get me started, or has it all done for me. Why would I look that kind of treasure at the end of the rainbow and not use it? I used their research on Donor Management Software when we were looking for a new option. I find their research on IT Staffing useful wtih Board Members.  In Pittsburgh, the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management really keeps me on the pulse of Pittsburgh (and the nation too), but I know for that national/global perspective, NTEN all the way.

6. Google Grants – I think secretly, NTEN is running Google Grants. They have the inside track. They have trainings about how to make the Google Grant work for you. If there is something about Google Grants that I, or my web facilitator, doesn’t understand – usually NTEN has an answer there for us.

7. NTEN must have gotten a copy of my job description to write their website – I know plenty of people that hear “Technology Director” and they would not consider Social Media, websites, Twitter, or anything remotely marketing related, to be under the Technology Director job description. But guess what, for me, it is. Well, NTEN has it all. It’s great to know that NTEN has the resources for most of the aspects of my job. Variety is what makes NTEN perfect for me.

8. I learned about Dux – I had been looking for a good SharePoint training for a long time. In fact, for months and months I’ve been asking someone to show me how SharePoint integrates with Office Suite and in a webinar by NTEN, I got to see this all from the speaker Dux Raymond Sy, that has given me such an energy for making my new SharePoint site to be a place where people are empowered to use SharePoint. Without NTEN, I may not have found Dux.

9. Office Hours – I dislike the HP online chat assistance. Don’t even ask me to use Microsoft’s. But want to know a good set of Office Hours – I guess you didn’t have to guess – NTEN Office Hours. I haven’t seen much variety of late, but I’m always checking to be sure that I don’t miss someone that I can pick their brains. Often there aren’t many people in these chats and you can really get some good answers.

10. Holly Ross Ok, so maybe there is some ranking in this list because I left Holly till the end. If you didn’t read all the way down, then shame on you! There is something to be said by keeping the best for the last. I heard Holly Ross speak at a Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management’s TechNow in 2008. Before Holly’s presentation, I was not on the social media bandwagon. I refused to get a Facebook account and don’t even mention Twitter to me. First, I had a session with Holly Ross about leadership, which made me realize that I had to step it up some at the office. Then Holly Ross gave her keynote speech. I just knew at that point, Holly Ross was one of my heroines. In fact, if I could grow up and be a quarter of the woman that Holly is, I’ll be doing great. I didn’t get to meet her that day, but in ways, I feel like I met Holly. I follow her Twitter. I read all of her blogs (especially the She’s Geeky blog post). Big kudos to Holly.

So, those are my ten for NTEN!  If you aren’t a member, check them out and use the free information that you can get your hands on. It’s amazing what NTEN does give nonmembers. If you are a member, remember that there is usually more than what you are currently using. I didn’t even get into how excited I am to be going to my first NTC this upcoming April, online groups that I haven’t been involved enough with, and so many more things.


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