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Posted on: December 17, 2009

I’m not about to talk about vinyl records – I barely recall those. But what I am talking about is vinyl wall art. It has absolutely nothing to really do with technology – except when you can order these crazy pieces of art online and find out how to make your own online.

It started out with my bestest friend sending me a link from her Google Reader. It was titled DIY Vinyl Wall Art and you can see the post here: It’s pretty darn neat – but my issue is that there is no way that I can be held responsible for cutting a straight line. Cutting straight lines should always be a machine’s job – it isn’t going to happen with my hands!

This obviously started a whole email chain of preproduced wall art (or wall stickers, or sticky things, or the things that the facilities coordinator hates). Some of them are beautiful, but I of course went for the geeky stuff. There are lots of good geeky ones out there:

In all of my searches I still was surprised not to see anything along “The Matrix Binaray” and I’m still trying to find something that looks a lot like ironworks. The best “ironworks” like came from here: It is just a bit too tall.

So, am I ready to pick up the shears and try to cut a straight line? Ah… yeah… mmm… why don’t you get back to me about that?


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