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First Drive with GPS

Posted on: December 16, 2009

I may be a geek at work, but I have never always jumped right in with the geek toys. A GPS unit was among one of those things that I didn’t need when they first came out. I didn’t want something that was buggy. I didn’t want to listen to a voice droning on “Recalculating…. Recalculating…. Recalculating….” every time you strayed off the path that it wanted you to take when you were close to home. To me, I used the excuse that it was too expensive and waited.

Lately I saw the need for the GPS as I started to get more meetings in new locations that I never had been to before. I really wanted to hold out until I got a new car and it was integrated into the car. However, since I just paid off my SUV and it only as 44,567 miles on it after 5 years, I’m not getting a new one any time soon. So, when a GPS was available in a silent auction for my work, I pounced on it. (I have to admit that I was able to guide the donor into donating the GPS to start with… but I still won it fair and square!)

Today I finally broke it out. I have too many meetings and too many of them are tightly scheduled. But I wasn’t going to wait until I absolutely needed it to get it started. Nope, I set it up for my trip into work today from home. That is a drive that I do in my sleep sometimes (at 5:30 in the morning I think most would say that it is like driving in your sleep.)

I think the hardest part was last night when waiting for it to get a hookup for the first time. The directions said to “stand outside with a clear line of sight of the sky”. It was below zero, so it was hard enough to hold it near a window for an extended amount of time. But really, it was pretty quick (quicker than getting a new blackberry to synch with a blackberry server). This morning, I found absolutely nothing annoying with it. In fact, when I went my way and not the way that it suggested, there was no voice chanting “Recalculating…. Recalculating… Recalculating…”

The test will be later today, when I am going somewhere that I’m not quite sure about – I’ve only been there once before. Yet, I can’t see why I waited so long to get on the GPS bandwagon. I am usually traveling by myself and looking at print outs from GoogleMaps or MapQuest is probably more distracting than anything else.

Do I think that the GPS unit will stop me from getting an AAA TripTik for the next vacation – nah! I think I’d rather have both the paper format and the speaking voice. I think in tandem – old school and new school – it will be the easiest trip yet.


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