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Holiday Checklist

Posted on: December 14, 2009

Yesterday was a very icy morning in Pittsburgh and it reminded me that the holidays are just around the corner. We are on the downhill of the year and that means lots of things to several people. The one thing that I remembered about at the beginning of the month was just how many requests staff have after the holidays for all that technology that they got for Christmas. Each year the amount of tech gifts that I find out that my fellow coworkers receive is growing – so naturally that can end up with some questions coming towards the tech staff, even though it they are personal gifts. Get ready for it – remember a great defense is a good offense. If you wait too long, your offensive attack on this will be too late!

Check your list – If you offer Microsoft Home Use licenses or another employee purchase program (we have one with CDW), make sure that your directions are up-to-date and that the codes are all correct. If someone gets that new Windows 7 laptop that they wanted but it didn’t come with Office 2007, they may be looking for that from Microsoft Home Use when they come back to the office. Best to make sure that all of those things are in order and ready to be used.

Dress it up – We have an employee newsletter about technology items. We use the December edition to give some hints and tricks to the new tech toys that someone may get. It is a teaser, but it also give someone something that they can refer back to, hopefully not stopping right in the tech office for answers. We have featured hints about using a digital camera and even a toy that they may not know about. By making it a newsletter and making it pretty, it’s likely that the staff will read it.

Remember, Peace on Earth – It might go against the grain for you to answer questions about someone’s personal equipment. What does an iPod have to do about work? But by stonewalling, it will only cause tension. Be honest with the staff member that this really isn’t about work stuff and that you can’t always be helping them with their personal equipment. Give them a point or two – or better yet, help them find a web resource or two, for them to use.

New Year’s Resolutions – Use this to your advantage! Remind staff to clean their email boxes, delete their internet cookies, organize their My Documents, and all other kinds of maintenance tasks. These are the things that everyone puts off but the New Year is a good time to get them to clean it up – even if it is just for this one month. You may luck out and have a few staff that follow up with this for a couple months! (Better yet, make it your resolution of the year!)

Dashing thru email – Holidays always mean more email. Try to keep up with it. Use your junk mail settings – or better yet, unsubscribe from those email lists from the places you had to buy just one gift from and now you are getting 10 emails a day from them about the ‘next big sale’. Keeping those emails will just drive you batty.

These few tips may make it easier for your to enjoy your holiday!


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