MY Hines

Brain Dump

Posted on: December 11, 2009

I just wrote this term down on my white board this morning as something I had to do and realized that it might be useful to explain what this term means to me, because after googling the term, I realized that my use of it isn’t what others believe it to be. It is used in technology circles when you are trying to cram for a certification test or something along those lines, but I surely wasn’t in need of that today.

First, you can read what others on the internet believe a brain dump to be by going to Wikipedia – But now, I want to tell you what a brain dump means to me. I write down that term when I need to push away from the computer and pick up a good old fashion pen and paper. I then start writing down all the things that I know have to be done at work. Since I supervise staff, I just start writing and writing what those things are, no matter who they are assigned too or not assigned too.

What does this do? Well first, I can often identify things, after I’ve written out a page or three, that can be assigned to others. At that point, I can delegate the work and assign it to others. I can also see if there are tasks that are alike and try to clump them together.

The brain dump also allows me to realize how much my staff and I do. Sometimes it is so easy to forget what is getting done when all you are focused on are what needs to get done. An amazing amount of work does get done but always looking ahead at what is next sometimes bogs down the process of praising progress.

I also find that the brain dump can clear my mind to see things from another perspective. I’ve tried to do this process starting right on the Excel list, but I just can’t do it. It needs to be on paper first for it to be effective. I guess sometimes tech isn’t the solution that is needed.


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