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Everything, Something, Nothing

Posted on: December 8, 2009

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending one of the best webinars I have ever participated in. It was Empowering Your Organization with SharePoint held by NTEN. At some point I will probably get a post on here about how much I absolutely love NTEN, but yesterday, I got to find another resource that I’m loving right now – presenter Dux Raymond Sy. His blog is at and in his Meet Dux, he calls himself a SharePoint Sensei and I believe it! Honestly, I hope that I can lose myself in the next day or two on his blog to soak in all of the resources.

I have known for a while that SharePoint can do so much more for my office – but I was still foggy with the details. The concept of “Everything, Something, and Nothing” wasn’t mine – it was Dux’s, but I have to admit, I plan on using it with management. In some ways, I feel like our currently SharePoint deployment is almost Nothing. So, I want to explain what I believe are signs of Nothing, Something, and Everything and some other thoughts I gathered from yesterday. (And yes, now that I’ve seen how absolutely cool it is how SharePoint truly integrates with Office 2007, a redesign of SharePoint cannot come soon enough at the office!)

Nothing – SharePoint is about collaboration and centralization. I think you can have SharePoint deployed and have it being doing absolutely “nothing”. In fact, I would argue that most of the current SharePoint site that I control could be said that it does nothing. It’s not that there isn’t information on the site that people need – but there is absolutely no collaboration. Right now, Tech Staff put information up. Tech Staff send links to anything that is needed. Tech Staff maintain, develop, and create most areas. It’s good that we have one place for all of our Cheat Sheets – but what good is it when the Tech Staff end up being the “Wikipedia of the Intranet”????

Something – Even though I could make the argument that we are almost doing “nothing” with SharePoint, the reality is that there are some select groups that are doing “something”. In happiness, it isn’t just the Tech department doing this. But it was driven by sheer “oh-my-god-we-can’t-continue-to-do-it-all-in-our-heads” terror that one department had. It should have never gotten to that point – but in the end, it did give me a good advocate for using SharePoint more.

Everything – This is the pie in the sky that I want to get to if just for the sheer ease of use. It would probably be the Cheesecake Factory Caramel Pecan Turtle Cheesecake in the sky! There are so many things that if staff truly started to use SharePoint for everything, my Tech department could really then start doing more work – and archive things. Most of the group drives are under utilized because it is too hard to find documents. With SharePoint, they could search for the documents. Most group drives aren’t used because people can’t figure out who last edited a document and they are completely lost with “track changes”. With SharePoint, it can tell who did the last edit of the document.

Leads me to my hugest question so far on my less-than-a-week-old blog: How do I get to everything?

Any ideas? I’m looking for some answers! In the meantime, I’m going back to Dux’s blog and hope that everything is staring me in the face soon.


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Nice work michelle; i’m enjoying reading it.

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